ACCOUNTING SPOTLIGHT Rosman, new head of FDU business school, says interest in accounting is up

Jessica Perry//July 28, 2014

ACCOUNTING SPOTLIGHT Rosman, new head of FDU business school, says interest in accounting is up

Jessica Perry//July 28, 2014

Andrew Rosman, who on July 1 took the helm at Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Silberman College of Business, knows today’s learning environment.

Rosman, in his 25 years of experience, has built a reputation for leadership in online learning, an increasingly prevalent ingredient in modern academia.

He also knows accounting. Rosman founded a master’s program in accounting at the University of Connecticut after spending years teaching the subject at the school.

So NJBIZ asked him about how capable those two things are of fitting together:

NJBIZ: What’s the best way to entice students to enroll in a graduate accounting program?

Andrew Rosman: (It’s) to ask them to consider the various careers that are available to them, related (starting) salaries, and the career paths that accounting will enable them to pursue in leadership positions, such as CFO and CEO.

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NJBIZ: What sort of preconceptions is a college fighting with when it comes to students who might not have interest in this program?

AR: If there are preconceptions, it is that accounting involves too much math. But that is not really true, in the sense that the level of sophisticated math is fairly moderate. In reality, accounting careers are less about math and more about critical thinking skills, including the ability to be inquisitive and skeptical. If these are skills that you think you excel in then accounting is a field that you should consider.

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NJBIZ: What are some ways these programs are being made more appealing to this population?

AR: At FDU students can join student organizations such as the Accounting Society and attend workshop and speakers’ series to learn more about skills for success in accounting and other business fields. When they are fully informed, students will find that their stereotypes often are inaccurate and then can pursue their choices based on the facts.

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NJBIZ: What’s the trend? Are there more incoming students that are interested in accounting programs?