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All the talk Radio ads on WFAN, Stern help spur Boll Branch sales

Scott Tannen co-founded Boll & Branch with his wife, Missy.-(PHOTO BY AARON HOUSTON)

Ecofriendly. Fair trade. Social consciousness.
These aren’t buzzwords you would expect to hear on WFAN, the No. 1 sports talk radio station in the area.

Or on shows such as Howard Stern via SiriusXM Satellite Radio.

But Boll & Branch — a nontraditional, Internet-based, organic, luxury bedding company founded in 2014 — believes in thinking outside the box. That’s why it has been advertising on both stations for nearly a year.

That has paid off.

“In my opinion, advertising works best when the person delivering the message truly believes what they’re presenting to their audience,” said Scott Tannen, co-founder and CEO. “Mike Francesa, along with his wife, is a true supporter of Boll & Branch and enjoys our products. His genuine enjoyment of our sheets and towels comes through in advertisements, and his listeners respond accordingly.”

Regardless of which demographics the bedding company’s marketing targets, Scott and his wife Missy, co-founder and president, are clearly onto something — the direct-to-consumer, Summit-based business’s revenue grew more than 1,000 percent last year.

Tannen swears it was still word of mouth that propelled the business to such great heights.

“Our customers would not support us ardently and our advertising would not be as effective if the product we sold wasn’t exceptional,” he said. “When you advertise, you’re opening your business up to a very public response as to how good your product is and how well it stands up to the claims you’re making in your advertisements.”

Growing the right way
Who knew that one of the fastest-growing startups in America happens to be located in Summit?
Named to Forbes Magazine’s 25 Most Innovative Companies in the World and the Internet Hot 100 last year, Boll & Branch’s sales increased tenfold as it relocated from Chatham to Summit in order to accommodate its tremendous growth.
“Boll & Branch has also quickly become one of the largest purchasers of Fair Trade organic cotton in the world,” said Scott Tannen, co-founder and CEO.
That is what makes the company’s luxury organic bedding unique — purchasing a set of sheets can also help one achieve socially conscious peace of mind.

True — plus the nature of Boll & Branch’s luxury organic products allows it to approach marketing more fervently than its competitors.

“Other bedding companies simply aren’t advertising, and they’re not advertising because they don’t have anything unique to say,” Tannen said. “We’ve been so successful because our product is very different.”

He does admit, however, that advertising has certainly helped.

“Word of mouth is key — but once we started advertising, rather than a few people discovering us each day, now there are literally thousands finding us every day,” Tannen said.

“We’re trying to build the biggest bedding brand in the world and we’re well on our way there. To do that, you have to advertise in places that will reach millions of people. We focus a lot on national and large-scale media markets. For example, you’ll hear us in the New York market because that is going to reach significantly more people than say Topeka, Kansas.”

Boll & Branch’s exponential success has not gone unnoticed — a fact Tannen, who previously worked in marketing at companies such as Wrigley and Kraft Foods, is acutely conscious of.

“People in the industry are very aware of how fast we are going and constantly looking at us to try to figure out how we’re doing it,” he said.

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