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At Campbell, women lift each other up

Denise Morrison and Women of Campbell.-(CAMPBELL SOUP CO.)

Denise Morrison is part of an elite group: one of the 27 women at the helm of a Fortune 500 company.

Last year, she was one of 29.

“That alone tells me we still have plenty of work to do to create opportunities for women throughout the corporation, particularly at the more senior levels,” Morrison said in a video statement released today in honor of International Women’s Day.

Morrison, who came to Campbell in 2010, co-founded the Women of Campbell network to empower women and give them tools to navigate complex career decisions and paths. Last year, the Women of Campbell network launched a mentorship program called Be Real Circles, where one female leader mentors a small group of women, providing them with advice and directing conversations among group members.

“My generation cracked the glass ceiling, but this generation has to shatter it!”

Denise Morrison, CEO, Campbell’s Soup Co.

Be Real Circles give women on the rise at Campbell the opportunity to “pay it forward” to the women following in their footsteps.

“My generation cracked the glass ceiling, but this generation has to shatter it!,” Morrison said in her annual Women’s Day statement. “And it’s everyone’s responsibility to mentor and sponsor them on their career journey.”

Meghan Welch, a team lead in sales reporting at Campbell, has been involved in the Women of Campbell network for two years.

“Whether it is via our Be Real mentoring circles or workshops around personal development, I’ve seen women across the organization broaden their networks and gain confidence to put a stake in the ground and be more declarative about their career goals,” Welch said in an e-mail. “I think creating an environment where women can share their personal career struggles and realize that their peers are dealing with the same issues has been instrumental in helping us make strides around morale for women Campbell-wide.”

What’s amazing about Be Real is that it’s living up to its name—by showing real results. Almost a third of the women participants in this program have had a promotion or an expansion of their job responsibilities since the program rolled out, according to Melissa Price, Campbell’s marketing director of North American foodservice.

Price and Welch co-lead the Women of Campbell network together.

According to Price, the positive effects of Be Real aren’t just seen within the groups, but across the company and in men as well.

“All of our programming also helps create connections across the organization, which have helped boost morale. I’ve also seen behavior change from men in the organization; our programming has helped involve them in the conversation, bring awareness to issues women face at Campbell, and also exploit strengths in our organization that we need their help dialing up,” Price explained. “We cannot get to where we are going without involving men.”

Gabrielle Saulsbery
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