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Author Archives: Daniel J. Munoz

GOP lawmaker seeks to fold SDA into Treasury

A Republican lawmaker wants to fold the embattled Schools Development Authority into the state Treasury “to make it more accountable,” rather than into the Economic Development Authority, which itself has come under scrutiny over its handling of tax incentive programs. Assemblywoman BettyLou DeCroce, R-26th District, plans to formally introduce a measure dissolving the SDA and transferring its functions, the financing ...

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Murphy tax break task force scrutinizes awards to Norcross-connected Camden firms

The New Jersey Task Force hearing on NJEDA Tax Incentives in Newark on May 2, 2019.

A politically connected law firm whose chief executive is Philip Norcross, brother of South Jersey powerbroker and insurance executive George Norcross, had far-reaching control over how lawmakers and former-Gov. Chris Christie crafted the multi-billion dollar, lucrative Grow New Jersey tax break program, according to various witnesses who testified at a task force Gov. Phil Murphy convened to scrutinize the incentive ...

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EDA staffer knew of but saw no reason to tell comptroller about tax-break lawsuit

A high-ranking official at the Economic Development Authority testified Thursday that he knew of, but did not provide information to the state comptroller about a whistleblower complaint involving abuse and defrauding of the state’s multi-billion dollar tax break program, during the comptroller’s audit of the very program called Grow New Jersey. Fred Cole, senior vice president of operations at the ...

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Murphy says he and Cuomo ‘crystal clear’ – no double-taxing under congestion pricing

Gov. Phil Murphy said Wednesday night that he and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo were “crystal clear” that New Jersey commuters would not be “double-taxed” under New York’s proposed congestion pricing scheme. This comes amidst an awkward stumbling block last week, when Murphy declared that he and Cuomo reached a deal or “conceptual understanding” on how to make New Jersey ...

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Sweeney: ‘No one’s done anything wrong’ with tax breaks (updated)

Senate president Stephen Sweeney at NJBIZ offices on Aug. 28, 2018.

“I’ve got to tell you, I’m extremely proud, I’m not apologizing for what we did for Camden, I’m very proud of what we’ve done for Camden,” the state's Legislature's top Deomocrat told NJBIZ at an unrelated event Wednesday in Eatontown. “Camden had a plan, they worked a plan, and the results are clear: Camden is better because of the work that was done,” Sweeney added.

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Lawmakers eye separating tax break, budget talks

As talks ramp up surrounding the state's fiscal year 2020 budget, and efforts to hash out a new set of tax incentives to replace expiring ones intensifies, legislators like Assembly Budget Chair Eliana Pintor-Marin are hoping to keep the two discussions independent of each other. A challenge given that both must be resolved by July 1.

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