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The Oct. 26, 2020 Edition of NJBIZ

Oct. 26, 2020 Edition of NJBIZ

Get this week’s digital edition of NJBIZ – featuring a look at the state's film tax credits program in the wake of COVID-19; how small businesses are gearing up for Black Friday and holiday shopping; we shine our spotlight on accounting and more!

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But who can replace a CPA? (access required)

Blue screen computer binary code listing table background

High-tech advances like blockchain, RPAs and others offer businesses safer, faster ways to get things done. But these electronic brainiacs won’t put accountants out of business, according to New Jersey industry professionals.

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OPINION: Reciprocal treatment

Judges gavel or mallet law and infected blood sample in sample tube COVID 19.

Responsible employers deserve COVID-19 liability protections. If it can be presumed an employee contracted the virus at work, even though there are countless other places where they could have contracted it, what is stopping an enterprising plaintiff from asserting they caught it there also? From, The New Jersey Civil Justice Institute's Eric DeGesero.

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Into the weeds (access required)

Oral arguments took place last week in a court case arising from the 2018 Medical Marijuana Program Request for Applications, which has had the New Jersey Department of Health wrapped in litigation with seven appellants since announcing the winners of six medical cannabis licenses nearly two years ago.

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What’s next? (access required)

PPP Paycheck Protection Program concept. Inscription on Keyboard Key

The Paycheck Protection Program generated considerable controversy after its March rollout with the COVID-19 pandemic taking a massive toll on the national economy. But, the loans did offer a reprieve to businesses that managed to secure them.

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Come back (access required)

Pink ribbon and stethoscope on color background. Breast cancer awareness concept

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but COVID-related fears have driven a national decline in the number of women going in for breast cancer and other critical testing, with volume down by as much as 94% compared to pre-pandemic periods, according to a report issued by the Epic Health Research Network in May.

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New hope (access required)

pink ribbon

Breast cancer is a devastating diagnosis, and for women can strike at their identity as well as their health. But ongoing advances – in traditional and other treatments – have resulted in better outcomes and reduced trauma.

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OPINION: Staying flexible to stay open

illustration of 3d image of light coming out open door

In today’s fluid environment the key is to offer resources, information and hands-on assistance to retailers, writes Levin Management Corp. Vice President of Property Management Erika Toscani. From the outset of the pandemic, property managers have helped shopping centers and tenants navigate and communicate guidelines from the CDC, implement programs to promote safety practices and facilitate the reopening process. And those efforts continue.

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Retooling the rebound (access required)

Stockton University in Atlantic City.

The words – “partner” and “partnership” – remain crucial in Atlantic City as the state and city work in tandem to lure in businesses beyond gambling. Those efforts are evident with Stockton's new, 413-bed dorm in the city’s Chelsea neighborhood, which includes the $230 million “AC Gateway” anchored by SJI headquarters and the university's campus.

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Oct. 19, 2020 Edition of NJBIZ (access required)

Oct. 19, 2020 Edition of NJBIZ

Get this week's digital edition of NJBIZ – featuring how efforts of state and local officials to reduce Atlantic City's reliance on casinos for its finances is progressing, but at a slower pace amid COVID; checking in with the Paycheck Protection Program, and business owners' concerns about the future; why everything old is new again for clothing retailers; our spotlight on cancer; and more.

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