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Author Archives: Jeffrey Kanige

Report: Non-COVID deaths rose in 2020 as many New Jerseyans avoided hospitals

Operating room

“During COVID’s peak in New Jersey in the spring of 2020, EMS teams throughout the state shared anecdotal reports of individuals who waited too long to seek care for life-threatening conditions,” said Cathy Bennett, the NJHA's chief executive officer. “Sadly, this data indicates that those reports were not isolated and, in fact, may be counted among COVID’s terrible impact on N.J. residents."

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NJBIZ panel lays out strategies for women in business

"In no moment in history have these issue been more apparent than during this pandemic," said Linda Wellbrock, the founder of Leading Women Entrepreneurs and the moderator for the discussion. "It's even been referred to now as the 'she-cession." The panelists were Gillian Bleimann, executive vice president at Berje Inc.; Jennifer Garrard, vice president for human resources at Brother International Inc.; Lisa Osofsky, senior partner at Mazars; and Julie Tattoni, a partner at Windels Marx.

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Presenting the 2021 Manufacturing Power 50

The list that unfolds over the following pages is the last such feature we’ll publish this year. Like the others – and like most of business and life in New Jersey – the Manufacturing Power 50 is shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic. The top ten individuals are drawn mostly from the pharmaceutical industry, which will provide the treatments and tools that will eventually end the outbreak. No surprise there.

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