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Baby, it’s view No traditional ultrasounds for this business’s clients instead, its parties feature live 4D gender reveal

Kayla Gipson, left, View a Miracle and Loving My Pregnancy owner, performing an ultrasound on Kaitlyn Grasso.

She list her services as an entertainment business, but Kayla Gipson knows her company is often much more than that. It serves as a window to a miracle.

Gipson’s company, View a Miracle, performs 4D ultrasounds as the highlight of a gender reveal party, enabling expectant parents to share the big moment with family and friends.

The company provides an additional ultrasound outside of the standard visits to a doctor’s office to give expecting parents a better view of their baby and, yes, reveal the gender.

The event takes place in East Brunswick and lasts 10 to 90 minutes. The ultrasound is performed by Gipson, who is a registered diagnostic medical sonographer. And it only costs $55 for the experience, far less than what you would pay during a doctor’s visit.

Customers usually visit between the standard ultrasounds expectant mothers receive at 12 and 20 weeks.

Biz in brief
Company: View a Miracle
Founder: Kayla Gipson
Founded: 2006
Employees: 10
One last thing: Gipson says these scans apparently make great gifts and that business seems to spike around holidays, particularly Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

“Insurances don’t pay for a scan in that time frame,” Gipson said. “That’s why people will come to me, because it’s reasonably priced, just $55 for the gender reveal, and the experience they have here is so much more enjoyable than if they go to the hospital or doctor setting.”

Gipson, who performs the ultrasounds at a historic house to make them cozier than an office building, estimates the company does 50 to 70 a week.

Gipson said her accuracy in these early stages is unparalleled in the state.

“I’m the only one in the whole state of New Jersey that does this as early as 12 weeks,” she said. “Between 12 to 16 weeks’ gestation, I’m 95 to 99 percent accurate and, after that, it’s 100 percent.”

Gipson, who has been performing ultrasounds for 25 years, says it’s her experience that gives her this ability.

“I think it’s, unfortunately,” she jokes, “from my years of experience and those who I’ve trained from. I’ve trained from some of the best doctors in the area who taught me lots of unique techniques.”

The scans do not replace the ones patients conduct with their doctors.

“These are strictly entertainment ultrasounds, but because I am registered sonographer — if I do find something wrong — I do complete a report and send it to the doctor,” she said.

Since the scans are primarily entertainment, Gipson tries to have some fun and get creative with the gender reveal; always, of course, at the preference of the family.

“Everybody will come and they can find out the same day or some people will go home and have a gender reveal party,” she said, “so I’ll put it in an envelope for them or send a teddy bear that’s pink or blue and wrap that up.”

Gipson said most people, roughly 95 percent, prefer to learn of the baby’s gender before the birth.

“It’s just become a part of the pregnancy, this memory of mom and dad finding out early on,” she said. “Everybody wants to prepare, plan the baby’s room and get the right clothing.”

To facilitate the event, View a Miracle has a room customers can rent out to host their own gender reveal party at the company’s location.

“They can go into the room and find out that way, either with a balloon, confetti or one of those other ways,” she said. “Or they can go home and have their party and they find out the next day or week later, and that’s when they find out.”

Pricing structure
Kayla Gipson, founder of View a Miracle, said she is able to provide ultrasound scans for expecting parents.
And, at $55, it’s at a fraction of medical costs.
But how is she able to charge a substantial amount less?
“I’ll be honest: Insurance is a vicious cycle and, because I’ve worked in it and I’ve seen it, there’s no need for the high prices that are being charged, but I get why it’s being charged,” she said. “I don’t work with any insurance companies; it’s all self pay.”

And with a recent expansion and relocation, celebrated by a ribbon cutting Nov. 4, the company has expanded with Loving My Pregnancy: a health and wellness spa for expecting moms.

“It’s things you can’t get at your doctor’s office, like pregnant massage, or we can do massages on the infant, which is becoming more and more popular,” Gipson said. “We’ll do yoga, arts and crafts classes and belly casting, which is really popular now.”

This new enterprise, Gipson said, is in line with the core business idea of View a Miracle: creating memories of the pregnancy.

“It’s all about the memories, bringing the family in and enjoying a special time in life,” she said. “We want it to be as pleasurable as it can be.”

Sometimes, it is viewed as a miracle.

“I had a family come in where the grandad was diagnosed with a terminal disease and he just wanted to be able to see his grandbaby before he passed away,” she said. “It was the only time he got to see his grandbaby. He passed away before the birth.”

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