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114 Beach St. | Rockaway, NJ 07866 |

Grey Sky Films works with businesses, individuals and brands to create video content for Web, broadcast, corporate, sales, training and more.THE VIBE

A college radio station for grownups


Mark Serao and Chris Vaglio, partners and co-founders of Grey Sky Films, wanted every room in their agency to have its own aesthetic. Employees are encouraged to consider their workspaces as extensions of their personalities and set them up in a way that is conducive to their individual creative processes.

But the design of the common areas is the end product of Serao and Vaglio’s desire to create a space that reflects the company culture they worked to establish.

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“The Beach” is a meeting room where the walls are decorated with a photo mural of a tropical ocean scene and palm trees. A tiki bar serves refreshments for clients as well as happy hour for its 13 employees.

In this office, the bathrooms each have a distinct vibe. The ladies’ room is bright pink with an Audrey Hepburn-inspired design. Music is pumped into the men’s room, where the walls are plastered with album covers and old show fliers.

“The men’s room is an idea (Serao) and I took from our old space,” said Vaglio. “The covers came from our personal record collections or we picked them up on Craig’slist and eBay. The actual records are all safe in my office.”


Grey Sky Films moved to its current office space in 2012, but Serao and Vaglio have been working together for more then 15 years.

“For the first seven years, it was basically just Mark and I,” Vaglio said. “Once our company really started to grow, we had a moment when we realized we wanted to keep the way the two of us did business intact. We wanted to work in the same way and have customers expect the same type of work they’d always received from the two of us. By creating a culture — and a work space that is reflective of that culture — we have been able to keep our original passion and our original mission in place as we’ve grown.”

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