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Econsult Solutions report cites Camden as model of transformation

Camden has been transformed from business investment, according to a report compiled by EconSult Solutions at the behest of Rowan University and Rutgers University-Camden’s trustees.

Former New Jersey Gov. James Florio, a founding law partner at Florio Perrucci Steinhardt & Cappelli, wrote a forward in the report. Florio raised his three children and worked his way through Rutgers Law School employed as a night watchman at Woodrow Wilson High School.

“After fifty years of social and economic decline, Camden is experiencing a renaissance,” Florio wrote. “The foundation of this turnaround is the partnerships and commitment between state and local governmental entities, business leaders and community stakeholders to develop and implement a holistic strategy focused on improving the city’s fundamental systems. Public safety, education, and neighborhood infrastructure are driving outside investments and interest in Camden. Private investments are building on foundational improvements driven by the public sector.”

“Utilizing the services and products offered by Camden businesses is a key component of economic development,” EconSult Solutions wrote. “Major employers in Camden are undertaking efforts to better utilize Camden businesses, including but not limited to Liberty Property Trust, Camden Partners, Holtec, Subaru, The Michaels Organization and Joseph Jingoli & Son.”

Camden has a lower crime rate now than in past years, according to EconSult Solutions.

David Hutter
David Hutter grew up in Darien, Conn., and covers higher education, transportation and manufacturing for NJBIZ. He can be reached at: