Professor Hector Lozada‑Vega, fellow of Seton Hall University’s Institute for International Business in the Stillman School of Business. - AARON HOUSTON

Culture club (access required)

From small details like learning the right way to introduce yourself to a potential business partner – which can speed or delay snaring a deal – to big ones like whether or not paying a fee to speed a licensing process violates the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act — possibly incurring criminal penalties — there are a host of issues to investigate before taking your business international.

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Educational consulting nonprofit Real World Academy opens in Morristown

Morristown-based educational consulting nonprofit Real World Academy opened its doors to provide students affordable college application and career services. Real World Academy provides customized one-on-one services – in-person and remotely – including career exploration, college application services, career training, and freshman year transition services. Career development support for college students is also available with Real World Academy’s ...

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