Avoiding bullets (access required)

The students sought to reduce police response times to shootings from a current average of five minutes to 10 minutes to within five seconds. The system is also designed to lead people to safety.

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NJIT to host 34th New Jersey Chemistry Olympics

The New Jersey Institute of Technology will host more than 250 high school students who will compete in the 2019 New Jersey Chemistry Olympics at NJIT’s Tiernan Hall and the Wellness and Event Center. Teachers have been acting as coaches for each team, guiding their students as they worked on projects from January through April. ...

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Rutgers grants raises to part-time faculty members

Rutgers University has reached an agreement with the labor union that represents part-time lecturers, granting them a raise. “Rutgers University is pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached between the university and the PTLFC-AAUP-AFT, the union that represents part-time lecturers at the university, for a four-year contract that provides increases in compensation for ...

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