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New Jersey loses about 20,000 college graduates to other states every year, a dynamic that troubles leaders in education, government and commerce. Stemming this out-migration is widely viewed as critical if the state is to remain economically competitive.

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At 9,500 square feet, NJIT's Makerspace is the largest educational facility of its kind in New Jersey.

NJIT designers fabricate masks, shields and swabs to battle COVID-19

"As we respond to COVID-19, while keeping the well-being of students, faculty and staff at the forefront, NJIT is still operating," said NJIT Provost Fadi Deek. "We are rethinking our approaches and making difficult decisions in real-time, from moving all our classes online, to carrying out our business functions remotely, to conducting our research computationally and sharing our laboratory supplies with our local community."

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3-D-printed face and eye shields from Dr. Joseph Hanna. -RUTGERS RWJMS

Rutgers acute care surgeon turns to hobby for PPE solutions

"[I]f we can mobilize the 3-D printing community to use the tested patterns that are out there, it would be a great way to help meet what’s needed," said the assistant professor and medical director of emergency general surgery. "If even 1,000 of the hobbyists in New Jersey and the surrounding area could print 10 face shields, that’s an additional 10,000 shields we’d have for the health care providers who need them.”

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