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Senior Technician is charging the electric car or EV in service center for maintainance, Eco-friendly alternative energy concept

Major shift

The Colonial Pipeline shutdown and gas shortages in some parts of the country may have left some motorists thinking that now’s a good time to switch to electric vehicles. New Jersey state officials certainly thinks so – though not necessarily for that reason.

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PSE&G to sell solar subsidiary to LS Power affiliate

The agreement includes the 467-megawatt-dc Solar Source portfolio of 25 facilities in various states and related assets and liabilities. The sale is part of PSEG's Strategic Alternatives process to explore options for PSEG Power's non-nuclear generating fleet which, in addition to Solar Source, includes more than 6,750 megawatts of fossil generation.

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Solar panels at Stockton University. - STOCKTON UNIVERSITY

Power, renewed

Stevens Institute of Technology will source 100% of its electricity directly from a local renewable energy source beginning this fall. But it's not alone, several colleges and universities in New Jersey - like Rider, Stockton and William Paterson Universities - rely on renewable energy for some portion of their campus power.

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