Jan 16, 2012

The ‘difficult and unfortunate realities’ of offshore wind

In October 2010, U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar came to the American Wind Energy Association’s Offshore Wind Conference, in Atlantic City, to sign the nation’s first commercial offshore wind development lease and usher in what he called a new era for offshore energy production. A little more than a year later, the momentum behind offshore […]

Jan 11, 2012

PSEG unit acquires Ariz. solar farm project in 75M deal

A subsidiary of Newark-based PSEG announced it has acquired its fourth solar project, paying $75 million for a planned 25.2-megawatt farm in Arizona, according to the company. “PSEG Solar Source continues to look for quality solar projects outside of New Jersey,” said PSEG spokesman Paul Rosengren. “We are developing a niche as a strong player […]

Jan 10, 2012

Developer says solar firms helping power real estate recovery

New Jersey’s emerging solar industry has long been seen as a job creator, but at least one Garden State developer hopes it can now fuel growth in the state’s office market. The developer, Bedminster-based Advance Realty, recently announced three new leases with out-of-state and international solar companies that are establishing regional offices in New Jersey. […]

Jan 2, 2012

Early adoption powers solar strength

In 2004, Tom Pollock saw the light. Technically, Pollock, then CEO of Freehold’s Trinity Heating and Air Inc., recognized solar power’s potential in the 1980s when he was selling solar hot water. “We thought, ‘Gee, if they could ever do this for electricity, instead of just water, this would be a great thing,'” he said. […]

Dec 15, 2011

Update PSEG powers 415M deal with Long Island Power Authority

Public Service Enterprise Group will manage the Long Island Power Authority’s electric transmission and distribution system in a deal worth up to $415 million.

Dec 14, 2011

BPU could create power utility if feds continue to block new plants

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities signaled it is ready to take new steps, including potentially setting up a new state power utility, if federal regulators continue to block the construction of new power plants.

Dec 12, 2011

Hess makes power play in bid to build its Newark plant

As Hess Corp. prepares to spend $650 million building a 625-megawatt natural gas-fueled power plant in Newark, the firm is asking federal regulators to solve a dispute that could save the company $13.5 million. But doing so would require the regional grid operator to approve equipment adjustments that so far,...

Dec 9, 2011

Christie’s BPU picks Madison mayor and incumbent commissioner

Gov. Chris Christie's nominee for a vacant seat on the Board of Public Utilities would bring to the job years of municipal utility experience and plenty of tough questions for the state's second-largest utility, Jersey Central Power & Light.

Dec 7, 2011

Fishermen’s Energy taking first steps to developing offshore wind farm

If all goes well, renewable offshore wind energy could power a substantial part of the New Jersey coastline by 2013. The latest energy master plan, finalized by the Chris Christie administration Tuesday, supports the potential for offshore wind development, but the Board of Public Utilities requires a year’s worth of actual wind...

Dec 6, 2011

Christie unveils final draft of energy master plan

Reaction to Gov. Chris Christie's final energy master plan draft was mixed, but solar industry advocates endorsed the changes to the plan intended to stabilize the market for a key incentive.

Dec 5, 2011

As incentives sunset, solar development at crossroads

The solar industry has been here before.

Dec 5, 2011

Natural gas pipelines fuel debate over energy future

Natural gas has moved to the forefront of New Jersey's energy future, with backers and foes clashing over the implications of the booming industry.