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Desais discover all-natural product line by accident

Donna and Vinay Desai, founders of Dr. Desai Soap, use goat’s milk to make their personal care products.-(AARON HOUSTON)

“When I was young, I was a hair monster, like everyone else in Brooklyn,” Donna recalled with a laugh.

Then she turned to her husband.

“He was developing drugs to cure disease,” she added. “But here he is.”

Here is a solar-powered farm in Lebanon where the couple moved in 2006. They live and work there full-time with their two daughters, as well as a handful of alpacas, guinea hens, horses and a herd of Norwegian dwarf goats.

That’s right, Norwegian dwarf goats. But don’t laugh, they are the most valuable animals of the bunch.

Those goats have become a key component of the couple’s growing personal care business, Dr. Desai Soaps. The goats produce thousands of gallons of milk, which Donna and Vinay then turn into soap, lotion and other products.

Everything they make is all natural — the Dr. Desai logo proclaims the brand to be “beyond organic” — and free of genetically modified organisms, chemicals and BPAs.

“I’m trying to give people natural alternatives,” Vinay said.

Many are interested. The Desais would not release revenue figures but they already are planning expansion.

Currently, the company manufactures its line of soaps out of the farm on Califon/Cokesbury Road, and its liquid products are made in Indiana. There is a small shop on the farm, where the Desais sell items from their line, as well as essential oils and handmade apparel made from alpaca wool.

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