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Food & Hospitality

Deluxe cabins at Sea Pirate Campground in West Creek.

Interest is intense

Camping participation grew 28% in 2020 as 7.9 million first-timers nationwide slept in the woods, according to the Outdoor Industry Association report The New Outdoor Participant: COVID and Beyond, released March 31. Americans flocked to fresh air activities to get exercise and stay healthy (62%) but also to simply get out of the house (62%), the report found.

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Sunny suds

A handful of New Jersey breweries at least partially power their brews by solar energy, including River Horse Brewing Co. in Ewing, Flying Fish Brewing Co. in Somerdale, and Anheuser Busch in Newark.

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Change of venue

Some of the world’s greatest performers have taken the stage at Newark Symphony Hall – the Metropolitan Opera, Aretha Franklin, Miles Davis and the Rolling Stones to name just a few. But the century-old venue in the heart of downtown Newark has seen better days, and Taneshia Nash Laird is in charge of returning it to glory.

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