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Catering prepared at Benares during the pandemic. - BENARES NJ

Over 2K employers seek state subsidies for hiring bonuses, training wages

The Return & Earn program is meant to alleviate months of hiring shortages businesses in retail, dining, leisure and hospitality have suffered since the early spring. Gov. Phil Murphy said he is confident in the plan, offering the “magic” of “both cash on the barrel” and “up to $10,000 for the small business to train and upskill that employee” to work in a new and better-paying industry.

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Hiring help

When the Murphy administration said the state would subsidize some $500 hiring bonuses and offer $10,000 to employers for training new workers, some of the state’s largest business groups hailed the program as a major step toward stemming the months-long labor shortages. But some employers are less optimistic.

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