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Black male holding open sign and looking out at the glass of the door. African American cafe man owner with face mask reopening after pandemic virus. Startup small business after Covid-19 quarantine.

How times have changed

The spread of the delta variant could slow down the national and state-level economic recovery. But an economic downturn of the magnitude of what occurred in March and April last year is unlikely, according to many economic experts. “The general view is it wouldn’t be anything like last year,” said Charles Steindel, the state’s former chief economist.

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Young Woman Working at Home, Small Office

OPINION: Too much of a good thing

After a year of economic turbulence throughout New Jersey, the state is stepping away from its normally rational approach to paid leave policy. State lawmakers are considering a new paid sick leave bill that would create redundant benefits to which employees already have access while placing the unfunded costs of this unnecessary mandate directly on New Jersey businesses. By Aliya Robinson, senior vice president of retirement and compensation policy at The ERISA Industry Committee.

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