Jersey CEO to Christie Do more for middle-market companies

At that event, he took credit for bringing the state’s business community back to life.But for middle market companies that are growing in New Jersey, Christie may not be the savior he makes himself out to be.“I do think (Gov. Christie) is making good efforts and strides to attract and retain larger companies,” Tracy Doyle, ...

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Business groups dig in for fierce fight on minimum wage

Voters on Nov. 5 will be tasked with deciding through a ballot measure whether the state should increase its minimum wage by $1, to $8.25, and tie future increases to the consumer price index. Despite figures released by a Monmouth University/Asbury Park Press Poll last month illustrating that 65 percent of registered New Jersey voters ...

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Rowan’s new engineering building critical to N.J. economic growth, its president says

That increased capacity is critical for Rowan, which has been inundated with applicants eager to take part in its engineering program, said the university’s president, Ali Houshmand. “If you look at the demand for our engineering program, this past year, for every undergraduate position in engineering, we had 10 qualified applicants — New Jersey residents ...

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Obamacare ‘Overwhelmed’ exchanges add to confusion as rollout hits hiccups

Annette Catino, chief executive of QualCare, a Piscataway-based managed care company, said her team was having trouble logging on to the exchanges this morning.The home page at healthcare.gov was accessible, but attempts to enroll with specific information were frequently stalled with indefinite wait times because of heavy traffic. Delays appear to have shortened as the ...

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How the federal government shutdown will affect your business

The consequences of Washington’s inaction have already resonated across the country, and New Jersey is no exception.Here’s a quick guide to what may or may not be affected today by the shutdown.Q: Will federal Sandy relief projects continue?A: Ed Voigt, a spokesman for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Philadelphia office, said there will be ...

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