NJ hits highest daily COVID-19 count in a month (updated) (access required)

The state logged roughly 2,000 new cases of the virus in less than a week, according to Gov. Phil Murphy, and crowded house parties with attendees in their teens and early twenties are largely to blame. The numbers also have officials considering revisiting the metric used to determine which locations travelers coming into New Jersey should self-quarantine from, which currently stands at 36.

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68 percent of NJ voters for adult-use cannabis legalization, poll finds (access required)

“The polling results confirmed our belief that there is overwhelming support for the creation of a regulated, adult-use cannabis marketplace in New Jersey," said John Fanburg, co-chair of the cannabis law practice at Brach Eichler, which conducted the survey. “Respondents supported it because it will create tremendous opportunity. It will create vitally needed new businesses, the state will receive significant tax revenues and illegal sales will be dramatically reduced, if not eliminated."

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