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Obamacare ‘Overwhelmed’ exchanges add to confusion as rollout hits hiccups

Annette Catino, chief executive of QualCare, a Piscataway-based managed care company, said her team was having trouble logging on to the exchanges this morning.The home page at was accessible, but attempts to enroll with specific information were frequently stalled with indefinite wait times because of heavy traffic. Delays appear to have shortened as the ...

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How the federal government shutdown will affect your business

The consequences of Washington’s inaction have already resonated across the country, and New Jersey is no exception.Here’s a quick guide to what may or may not be affected today by the shutdown.Q: Will federal Sandy relief projects continue?A: Ed Voigt, a spokesman for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Philadelphia office, said there will be ...

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Damaged wires are surveyor’s specialty

Boardwalks always have been susceptible to fires.
Still, the mayor of one Shore town said the blaze that ripped through the boardwalk and dozens of businesses in Seaside several weeks ago was “a wake-up call” because of its cause — electrical wiring corroded and compromised by salt water.

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