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Murphy holds 15-point lead over Ciattarelli

A new Fairleigh Dickinson University poll finds that 48% of New Jersey voters would pick the incumbent, while 33% said they would select former Assemblyman Jack Ciatterelli for the state's highest office. That’s amid a slide of Gov. Phil Murphy's overall approval into lukewarm territory as the state moves away from the pandemic that lifted his ratings last year.

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Workplace harassment concept. Young female secretary looking at boss's hand on her shoulder with disgust. Businessman using his job position to molest female employee at company office

Re: working relationships

A bill sponsored by one of the state’s most influential lawmakers would overhaul New Jersey’s workplace discrimination and sexual harassment laws. Labor rights organizations and women’s rights groups say the proposal includes much-needed reform to clamp down on these practices as they run rampant in the workplace.

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Recent film production at Bell Works in Holmdel.

‘Really a gold rush’

When NJBIZ last checked in on the state of showbiz in the Garden State in October few producers were willing to talk about what they were up to. Film and television production all but shut down during the pandemic, with few exceptions for projects that imposed strict standards for social distancing, mask usage and sanitization. But now, with New Jersey reopening, industry insiders are more forthcoming.

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