Health Care

A healthy development (access required)

Part of a broader trend, medical facilities are being integrated into mixed-use and other developments as a way to enhance projects. “Demographics, including aging baby boomers, played a big part in this,” according to Chick Atkins, a principal at Atkins Cos. “People are not getting any younger, and more of them need more access to health care.

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More twists (access required)

Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements are shrinking, and the foundation of the health care industry’s fee structure is getting a makeover. But that’s not stopping some forward-thinking health systems from continuing to expand as they adjust to the new normal.

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NJDOH to establish ‘My Life, My Plan’

Under a measure signed into law on Friday, the state's health commissioner is encouraged to develop programs and resources to entice support for women from health care providers, community health workers and health care facilities in developing a reproductive life plan.

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merger and acquisition

WCG acquires PharmaSeek

“We are thrilled to join WCG, and to be part of an organization so keenly focused on driving down the cost of drug development,” said Nicolas Cindric, PharmaSeek’s CEO. “It doesn’t feel like an acquisition in the traditional sense; it feels more like we’ve received an exclusive invitation to join a community of like-minded professionals who share a vision for a better tomorrow."

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