Health Care

Sep 12, 2012

Legislators debate implementation of state health insurance exchange

Panel discussions focus on challenges lying in wait as New Jersey again takes up idea of creating an exchange.

Sep 10, 2012

Hospitals revisit energy-efficiency opportunities

Utility companies and energy industry experts are working with hospitals to find out if solar energy fits the bill as hospitals search for the best ways to reduce spending.

Sep 7, 2012

Observers hope Merck’s embracement of health reform effort leads to wider adoption

Patient-centered medical homes are one model hoped to increase quality of care while reducing costs.

Sep 6, 2012

Barnabas Health looking to add cardiac surgery to Community Medical

Established South Jersey hospitals hoping to crowd out Barnabas, though the company says a cardiac program would cut transfer times for patients and save lives.

Sep 4, 2012

Allergan opens new Bridgewater RD center

The company is preparing for a major recruitment effort that will hire hundreds of professionals for research and development jobs.

Aug 30, 2012

Atlantic Health hopes proton therapy figures big in future of cancer care

The hospital system is investing in next-generation therapy that aims to have more effective patient outcomes. Currently, only 10 such centers exist in the United States.

Aug 27, 2012

Study reveals ACOs being built around primary care, not payers

A study recently released by the Commonwealth Fund shows that early implementation of accountable-care organizations around the country is being governed mostly by physicians and hospitals, not payers.

Aug 27, 2012

Virtua moving forward on digital medical records

Wide adoption of electronic patient records is helping hospital system position itself as a candidate for incentive funding as health reform deadlines near.

Aug 24, 2012

Federal health officials finalize health plan ID system

The new coding guidelines are designed to save $6 billion over the next 10 years by standardizing billing formats.

Aug 24, 2012

Roche reaches deals to keep property tax payments level for two years

The drugmaker will maintain stable property tax payments to Nutley, Clifton as the sides work together to find a new user for the property.

Aug 22, 2012

N.J. will be testing ground for new primary-care practice model

The latest initiative aims to make doctors more accessible to patients by keeping late-day office hours, and to promote adoption of digital records.

Aug 22, 2012

Report N.J. seniors saved 198M on prescription drugs since 2010

Affordable Care Act creating savings for Medicare patients, according to U.S. Department of Health.