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Insert Card, Remove Shoes

Around the State – North JerseyJERSEY CITY Commuters hoping for a quick and stress-free train ride into New York City from Jersey City’s Exchange Place PATH station may be in for a rude surprise. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) workers have started performing trial “airport-style security checks” at the station using metal detectors and X-ray machines, says Peter Bengston, who is coordinating communications about the project for the Department of Homeland Security.

Some 15,000 passengers will be screened each day, with employees searching for “large explosive devices,” Bengston says. The trial will continue until March 1, with DHS workers collecting data to decide whether it’s practical to do such screenings at rail stations nationwide. The data, he says, will also help the DHS modify screening equipment to better process rush-hour crowds of railroad passengers. The overall project will take two years and cost $10 million.