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IT in a hurry Galen Technology Solutions does it all Mustion’s firm supplies staffing, consultants to Fortune 100 companies

John Mustion, president, Galen Technology Solutions.-(AARON HOUSTON)

Every company seemingly is searching for solutions for cybersecurity concerns and a desire to better utilize its data.

Finding people to give companies those answers may be an even tougher task.

Every company seemingly is searching for solutions for cybersecurity concerns and a desire to better utilize its data.

Finding people to give companies those answers may be an even tougher task.

“Those are two very hot topics,” technology expert John Mustion said. “Security is probably the No. 1 need out there. And Big Data is where the industry is going.”

Mustion, who founded Galen Technology Solutions in Florham Park 19 years ago, said the topics are two reasons his staffing and consulting service stays busy.

Galen, which specializes in working with large companies, including Fortune 100 firms, said the need for security has never been greater.

And, nowadays, he said, companies can’t hesitate on the subject.

Biz in brief

Name: Galen Technology Solutions
Based: Florham Park
Founded: 1998
President: John Mustion
Employees: 12 full-time; up to 100 consultants
Revenue: $8 million to $9 million
One more thing: Mustion said Galen was the name of a Greek doctor who was known for his ethical approach, his virtue and how he did his business in a professional manner.

Mustion, who serves as president, used one of his biggest clients as an example.

“They have over 10,000 laptops,” he said. “The manufacturer will publish vulnerabilities with their products in regard to hacking or penetrations. Since the laptops have confidential information on them, they now are vulnerable and will need to be fixed, because that information cannot be out there. This goes on, on a daily basis.

“The company will call us up and say, ‘We need a vulnerability security expert.’ And that’s what we do. We’ll go and recruit engineers who have a specific knowledge in that domain and have prior experience performing that function for another company.”

The company, Mustion said, can then either hire the expert full-time or hire him on a project-based deal through Galen.

Mustion said keeping up with the technology needs of customers is challenging. He has a staff of approximately a dozen people constantly searching for technology experts available for projects.

And while he has some experts he uses on a regular basis — he estimates he has approximately 75 consultants working on any given day — there’s always a need to find more specialists. Mostly because the needs of his clients constantly change.

Some have short-term needs, where they require just a little help; others have projects that need a team of experts to run the entire thing, Mustion said.

“Sometimes, we put together a whole team on a project, so the client doesn’t have to take their full-time staff off work they are currently engaged in,” he said. “They can focus on the work they’re doing currently, and Galen can focus on this new project.”

Still others, Mustion said, are looking for help staying ahead of the competition.

That’s where Big Data needs come in.

Jersey based

John Mustion, the founder and president of Galen Technology

Solutions, said the company used to have offices in both Florham Park and New York City. Now, he’s just in Jersey. The reason: technology.

“Business has changed so we don’t need to be right next door to our clients,” he said. “With Skype and conference calls, you can be in New Jersey.”

And, in addition to a better commute, Mustion says there’s a big cost savings, too.

“Our New York space cost four times as much as our New Jersey office space,” he said.

“Big Data and data analytics is where the industry is going,” he said. “Data analytics and data visualization are very hot. Companies are diving into their data to try to find new business opportunities, they are coming to us to help them find subject matter experts in data analytics and data visualization.

“Data visualization graphically displays large amounts of data in easier-to-read formats for companies. Data analytics is the examination of the data so companies can make more informed business decisions and enhance productivity: How can they look at the data they are acquiring and make their business run more efficiently? It’s across the board; it can be in operations, it can be in sales, it can be in manufacturing and distribution.

“We can help with all of that.”

And if you think the answer is just hiring the best and the brightest of the latest college class, Mustion said to think again.

While technology is for the younger generation, technology solutions, he said, still need veterans.

“Our clientele is looking for experienced people,” Mustion said. “They’re looking for people who have real-world experience with what they’re looking to do. They look for very specific skill sets, so the young person right out of college, that demographic, really isn’t our target market.”

This doesn’t mean the need to stay current isn’t necessary. In fact, Mustion said he never stops learning — and that he needs to do so to stay ahead of the competition.

He feels, however, that he does have one advantage on the younger set.

“I see my client environments every day, so it keeps me very immersed with what’s going on and how technology’s being used,” he said. “I see the trends and needs as they are happening.”

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