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Its a Big, Multilingual World

Around the State – North JerseySHORT HILLS Investors Savings Bank has discovered it’s not such a small world after all and now it will be easier for the bank’s staff to connect non-English speakers with the right interpreter. Each teller has been equipped with a “multilingual guide booklet” that contains 26 versions of an illustration that reads: “Point to your language. An interpreter will be called.” Customers flip through the guide to find the right language.

The language identifier is the brainchild of Investors Savings Bank’s Vice President Jeannette Muldoon who thought up the idea while sitting in a hospital emergency room with her son. “While waiting, I heard three different languages that I didn’t recognize,” Muldoon says. “I began to wonder what would happen if this person walked into one of our branches?” Investors Savings Bank’s translation booklets are available in all 46 of its branches. The language choices run from Albanian to Urdu.