Jersey City Urby reaches 95 leased

Mario Marroquin//November 9, 2017//

Jersey City Urby reaches 95 leased

Mario Marroquin//November 9, 2017//

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Mack-Cali Realty Corp. subsidiary Roseland Residential Trust and Ironstate Development recently announced the first of three towers of the Jersey City Urby complex in downtown Jersey City reached 95 percent leased.

Jersey City Urby, the 762-unit tower in Mack-Cali’s Harborside, began leasing eight months ago.

As Urby nears full occupancy, we’re witnessing a significant milestone in the Jersey City waterfront’s continued evolution into a destination neighborhood,” said Michael DeMarco, CEO of Mack-Cali. “The over 1,000 residents who’ve moved into the building are playing an important role in bringing to life the unique arts, dining and lifestyle scene that’s being cultivated at Harborside.”

Urby was designed by Dutch architects Concrete and is the tallest residential building in New Jersey, standing at 713 feet.

Roseland and Ironstate said that as Mack-Cali continues to develop Harborside into a cultural district, its location within walking distance to the Exchange Place PATH station and the Harborside NY Waterway ferry terminal will continue to attract renters to Jersey City Urby.

“The uniquely designed tower serves as an unmistakable landmark for Harborside, where Mack-Cali recently unveiled a plan to invest $75 million toward modernizing 4.3 million square feet of Class A office buildings, and drastically upgrading public and retail spaces,” said the developers in a news release.

“Since announcing a consolidation of its office portfolio in 2015, Mack-Cali launched a multiphase plan for Harborside, beginning with the reinvention of the Harborside Atrium, which now doubles as a cultural space that hosts music, dance, art performances, and ‘foodie’ fests. Additionally, this past spring, the company opened Lutze Biergarten, an outdoor venue offering a variety of craft beers, cocktails, great food, games, and breathtaking views of Manhattan. In September, Mack-Cali celebrated the opening of Piggyback Bar at Harborside, a restaurant owned by famed NY chef Leah Cohen and partner Ben Byruch.”

Urby is a brand by Ironstate Development. The developer has also launched Urby rentals in Harrison and Staten Island