Larken Associates helps recreational tenants safely reopen amid COVID-19

Linda Lindner//July 17, 2020

Larken Associates helps recreational tenants safely reopen amid COVID-19

Linda Lindner//July 17, 2020

Larken Associates of Branchburg said Thursday it negotiated a total of 5,675 square feet of flex/industrial leases at the Hillsborough Business Center in Hillsborough.

The leases will enable two dance studios to move into spaces with overhead doors and larger footprints, which will allow for proper social distancing and adequate air circulation during classes.

In addition to these leases, Larken also worked with another dance studio to provide temporary outdoor space to ensure they can resume their business operations.

Dance Connection
Dance Connection moved its studio to better adhere to recommendations in the wake of COVID-19. – LARKEN ASSOCIATES

Both located in Hillsborough, the dance studios are Complexity Dance Center, which was formerly operating out of Larken Associates’ Amwell Mall at 450 Amwell Road in Hillsborough, and Dance Connection, which was operating out of Larken Associates’ Hillsborough Business Center. Each studio was previously occupying a space that lacked the ventilation and flexibility needed to align with social distancing recommendations put forth to counter the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We know that these are difficult times for all of our tenants but the challenges presented to our recreational tenants are truly unique,” said Rob Marek, executive vice president of Raider Realty, the in-house brokerage division of Larken Associates. “Fortunately, our diverse portfolio of assets and commitment to working closely with our tenants has allowed us to quickly find space solutions for these two dance studios that will allow them to reopen in a safe manner.”

David Kieffer, chief executive officer of Dance Connection added: “We’re really grateful to Larken Associates who worked with us and helped to make this space available. They know that the kids have been cooped up and need to get out and they’ve been very supportive of our efforts to get the kids out and about in a safe and healthy way.”

In addition to securing temporary leases on behalf of Complexity Dance Center and Dance Connection, Larken Associates also worked with Gotta Dance, a tenant in their Branchburg Commons complex, to provide it with the use of the property’s outdoor spaces for private lessons, evening classes, and dance camp.

“Even in the best of times, we understand the importance of supporting our tenants whenever possible,” said Raider Realty Executive Vice President Victor Kelly. “As our nation continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that we are in a position to support the small businesses throughout our portfolio that need flexible space arrangements to successfully resume operating their businesses. Whether it is moving them into a new space or finding creative outdoor space solutions, we are committed to assisting our tenants in any way we can during these challenging times.”