Why it pays for firms to hire others to do their in-house work

You know the deal: The cobbler's children go unshod. Here's a modern-day update of the parable you never knew would work so well in a business setting, courtesy of Mark Daniele of McCarter & English: There are attorneys who could handle the unpopular legal work involved with his or her own firm's retirement plans, Daniele said, but a paying...

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QA Next generation taking a shot at taking charge

Skoloff & Wolfe P.C. always has done things a little differently than most law firms. So it makes sense that it's undergoing an unconventional succession after more than 50 years in the New Jersey market: Twin brothers are taking over the Livingston-based practice of 24 attorneys from their father, Saul Wolfe, and his partner, Gary Skoloff.

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