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Reports David Samson expected to plead guilty in GWB case

David Samson, the former chairman of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and longtime founding partner of a powerful West Orange-based law firm, is reportedly expected to plead guilty Thursday afternoon to a felony charge stemming from the federal probe into the illegal closing of traffic lanes in Fort Lee at the George Washington Bridge...

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Fraud fighter Darryl Neier puts his experience in law enforcement to use with Sobel Co.’s forensic accounting group

Darryl Neier knows how faulty accounting and criminal fraud can occur in the for-profit corporate world for an average of 18 months before being detected.
He also knows how fraud in the nonprofit and social services sector can continue on for much longer, due to more trusting management, more reliance on volunteers and less financial expertise.

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Would your private contracts survive N.J. Supreme Court review?

Last week, the New Jersey Supreme Court released two opinions that should alarm New Jersey’s business community. In both cases, the high court refused to honor private contracts because they felt the terms were unfair. The opinion in each of these cases is disappointing, but when viewed together, they suggest our court system has developed a...

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