Porzio to do pro bono work with Courage to Connect

According to the announcement, Porzio, a leading firm in the area of Employment and Education Law, will provide pro bono advice through Courage to Connect New Jersey to municipalities that are starting out on the path of consolidation, providing perspective as to what the process will entail.

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Study Affordable Care Act raising health costs for small business

The NFIB found 64 percent reported paying higher insurance premiums per employee in 2013 than they did in 2012. The survey was conducted last summer. The results show the Affordable Care Act is not holding down health insurance costs, the NFIB said. “The law’s authors were primarily focused on increasing insurance coverage and expanding benefits ...

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Law firm Archer Greiner breaks into lobbying business

The governmental and public affairs affiliate was formed to help clients with their strategic planning and to advocate for them at all levels of government, according to the firms’ senior executives. “Governmental and regulatory agencies affect people every day,” Archer & Greiner’s president, Christopher Gibson, said in a statement. “In an increasingly complex world of ...

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Baker was so terrified someone would steal her idea — and with it, her potential revenue — that she refused to tell friends or even most of her family what she was working on. “I told only my sister, and I made her swear that she wouldn’t tell anybody,” recalled Baker, whose website, Aligned Signs, ...

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Can’t support ballot question on minimum wage

It’s one of those bills that seems like it would be a good idea in theory, but in practice creates another headache for a business community that’s already in search of some Excedrin. We encourage business owners to vote no on the referendum. We’re sympathetic to the plight of those who don’t earn a sustainable ...

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