Evonik Venture Capital invests in Nutley-based animal free ‘leather’ start up

The $190 billion animal and artificial leather market has gotten the attention of Parsippany-based venture firm Evonik, which has invested in leather alternative company Modern Meadow. Modern Meadow, based in Nutley, produces a leather alternative made of sustainable biofabricated materials. Its technology produces animal-free collagen, something naturally found in animal hides, through a fermentation process using ...

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Tools & Tiaras campers learn about plumbing from Judaline Cassidy, founder, Tools & Tiaras, and a union plumber, at the American Standard facility in Piscataway. - AARON HOUSTON

Women in skilled trades encourage others to join the workforce (access required)

Ironworker Lissette Rossi can be on the same job all week, constructing the skeletons of buildings at 50 feet in the air with her union Local 399 in Camden. Still, after three days feeling comfortable with the height, she might, as she puts it, “get the heebie-jeebies.” “You can’t be scared of heights, but you ...

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