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Maribel Wilson, chief technology officer for advanced materials, Honeywell, New Jersey.

Cool job

“When I selected engineering, math and science came naturally to me,” said Honeywell's Chief Technology Officer for Advanced Materials Maribel Wilson. “My career has been very fulfilling … You can select engineering and it gives you a lot of leeway to meander.”

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Conference room table.

Two LIXIL execs named to Plumbing Manufacturing International board

Piscataway-based LIXIL Americas, a company that sells water and housing products within the brands American Standard, GROHE and DXV, had two executives appointed to the Plumbing Manufacturing International 2020 board of directors and committee. Sal Gattone, vice president of engineering for LIXIL Americas, is serving on PMI’s board of directors. Gattone will participate in collective ...

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No. 8: Stephen Sweeney

The Senate president was a driving force behind the Securing Our Children’s Future Bond Act, which provides $500 million for the expansion and improvements of facilities at K-12, community college and vocational schools across the state. The Third District Democrat was also one of the lawmakers credited with the creation of the Manufacturing Caucus, jointly chaired by a Republican and Democrat, to craft legislation based on the input of manufacturers.

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