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Manufacturers may soon have preference when applying for workforce development grants

Employers in the manufacturing industry, which is currently in the midst of a skills-gap crisis, could receive some help through a bill sponsored by Assemblyman Hal Wirths, R-24th District. Assembly Bill A4023/Senate Bill 446 gives manufacturers preference when applying for grants to train their employees. The legislation passed the full AssemblyNov. 25, 73-0-0, and passed ...

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The Knotts Co. to distribute Yamaha Products

“It’s our utmost priority to provide our customers in New Jersey, southern New York state, and the metropolitan New York area with a greater offering of technology solutions that will accelerate their automated production," said Knotts Vice President of Sales and Marketing Mark Howe.

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The Burger came out of the Rutgers Food Innovation Center in Bridgeton.

Food Day: Plant-based disruption in the food industry

“What’s interesting is that there are several different words being used. Meat, beef, burger. What’s okay? It’s largely unresolved,” Norris McLaughlin Intellectual Property Group Co-Chair Danielle DeFilippis said. To mitigate your brand's legal woes, "make sure your labels are compliant, make sure what you have on there isn't going to anger your competitors, and do what you need to protect it going forward."

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