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Suuchi Ramesh

No. 2: Suuchi Ramesh

Suuchi Kamesh is the founder of Suuchi Inc., a next-generation supply chain platform provider for fashion brands and retailers. She operates her company in North Bergen, providing end-to-end platform-enabled manufacturing and technology for the fashion industry.

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No. 3: Bob Unanue and Peter Unanue

Their family business is the biggest Hispanic-owned food company in the country. The brothers run Goya, a company started by their grandfather Prudencio Unanue Ortiz, out of the Jersey City headquarters it settled into in 2015.

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Tim Sullivan, CEO of the New Jersey Economic Development Authority.

No. 6: Tim Sullivan

As head of the state’s Economic Development Authority, Tim Sullivan is one of biggest cheerleaders for Gov. Phil Murphy’s proposed “State of Innovation” – an effort to attract businesses small and large to New Jersey.

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Robert Asaro-Angelo, commissioner, New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development

No. 7: Robert Asaro-Angelo

The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development plays a significant role in trying to attract manufacturers to the state. Toward that end the agency – which Rob Asaro-Angelo leads as commissioner – will administer much of a $500 million bond issue that includes $275 million to help expand vo-tech programs providing career and technical education manufacturing jobs.

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Manufacturing Power 50 N-Z

In the latter half of the 20 century, as U.S. manufacturing declined, so too did the industry in New Jersey. But the plants and assembly lines are still here, and the demand for new products and the productivity gains afforded by modern equipment are fueling a revitalization of the industry. The men and women listed in here have been and will continue to be responsible for maintaining and expanding the skilled workforce necessary for a strong manufacturing sector.

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Paul Cunningham, founder, Leather Head Sports, lacing a football. - AARON HOUSTON

Where business is bouncing

Paul Cunningham spent 15 years as a photo editor for Major League Baseball and lived a fan’s dream life. Today, he is honing his skills as a leather craftsman and the founder of Leather Head Sports in Glen Rock, making baseball gloves, balls of various sorts and other athletic equipment.

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Manufacturers may soon have preference when applying for workforce development grants

Employers in the manufacturing industry, which is currently in the midst of a skills-gap crisis, could receive some help through a bill sponsored by Assemblyman Hal Wirths, R-24th District. Assembly Bill A4023/Senate Bill 446 gives manufacturers preference when applying for grants to train their employees. The legislation passed the full AssemblyNov. 25, 73-0-0, and passed ...

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