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Accounting Power 50 A-H

Running a business is never easy. And running a business during a deadly global pandemic is even more difficult. The numbers often just don’t add up. That’s where the professionals listed in these pages come in, along with the academics and advocates who help the accounting profession.

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No. 5: Sally Glick

Well-connected is an understatement. At SobelCo, she's a principal of the firm and chief growth strategist, responsible for the development and implementation of branding, marketing communications and functions as an ambassador to the community, driving business development strategies.

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Miklos A. Vasarhelyi Director, Rutgers University Accounting Research Center

No. 2: Miklos A. Vasarhelyi

The director of the Rutgers University Accounting Research Center is credited with developing the concept and application of “continuous auditing,” or a real-time review of business processes that can highlight exceptions to their compliance, performance and effectiveness.

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Lori Roth, Northeast managing partner, Prager Metis

No. 7: Lori Roth

She's co-managing partner at national accounting firm Prager Metis, based in the Basking Ridge office--elevated to her post in January after time as northeast managing partner, the position she held when featured in last year’s Accounting Power 50.

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