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Getting together

A variety of issues – including the increasing ability to work remotely and concerns over succession planning – are causing a rise in M&A activity among accounting firms, according to published reports. Does that mean it’s time to add smaller CPA firms to the Endangered Species list?

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Better business

For a long time, large publicly held companies were the only businesses that had to be concerned with potentially costly ESG reporting. But now, it looks like privately held enterprises are increasingly being held to similar standards, often without regulatory mandates.

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Anyone there?

In 2018, the number of candidates for the CPA exam dipped to its lowest level in 10 years, according to the latest AICPA Trends Report. At the same time, the organization estimated that, as of 2020, 75% of its members were eligible to retire. Does this mean a CPA drought is ahead? Actually, according to some experts, it’s already here.

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