Newark Airport lives down to its reputation for delays, analysis shows

Eric Strauss//October 24, 2014

Newark Airport lives down to its reputation for delays, analysis shows

Eric Strauss//October 24, 2014

Among the nation’s busiest airports, there are inevitably delays, especially during the holiday travel season. And with Thanksgiving and Christmas 2014 right around the corner (believe it or not), the New York and New Jersey airports found themselves under the microscope as part of a NerdWallet analysis of winter travel delays and cancellations.What the San Francisco-based consumer advocacy website found won’t make the region’s harried travelers feel particularly good, either.

Among the nation’s 25 busiest airports, the three in the New York/New Jersey region were among the five worst in terms of holiday-season delays and cancellations.

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And Newark Liberty International Airport earned the No. 1 spot on the chart.

NerdWallet’s analysis of Bureau of Transportation statistics crunched the numbers for flights scheduled for November or December, from 2009 through 2013.

At Newark Airport, 28.62 percent of them were either delayed or canceled entirely. That was the highest rate by more than 2 percentage points and more than 8 percentage points higher than the overall average of 20 percent.

The situation wasn’t much better in New York City.

LaGuardia Airport ranked third, with 25.31 percent of its holiday flights delayed or canceled, while John F. Kennedy International Airport ranked fifth, with 21.56 percent of its flights running into trouble.

“The New York City metro area is home to the world’s largest airport system — in terms of total yearly flight operations,” NerdWallet said. “Although JFK is the largest of the three when it comes to total number of passengers annually as well as flight operations, it’s Newark, surprisingly, that had more total November and December flights over the past five years.

“Although all three airports see more delays and cancellations than average, Newark is by far the worst of the three. If you must fly to or from the Big Apple this winter, JFK is your best chance to save time.”

South Jerseyans shouldn’t gloat about their northern brethren’s woes, either. Philadelphia International Airport came in at No. 7, with 20.85 percent of flights delayed or canceled.

The best of the Top 25? Phoenix Sky Harbor International Aiport. And even that airport experienced delays and cancellations, to the tune of 16.31 percent of its flights.

For the full rankings, click here.


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