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Limited access (access required)

While there have been tremendous strides in the treatment of Type 1 diabetes, a lot of work still needs to be done when it comes to access, according to the head of the leading global organization funding research for the disease.

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Role model (access required)

“The old model of trying to get paid when patients are sick does not benefit myself or the patient. But as a good primary care doctor, I want to prevent patients from getting sick by controlling blood pressure, providing diabetes management, and encouraging mammograms, and colonoscopies," said Dr. Marc Feingold, a primary care physician and medical director at Consensus Health.

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Roundtable Wellness CEO Bershan Shaw and Cornita Cole, quality assurance and project manager.

Patiently working (access required)

New Jersey has begun the process of expanding its medical cannabis program, with significant changes from the last round, offering 15 dispensary endorsements available statewide in addition to five endorsements for cultivation operations and four endorsements for vertical integrated operations.

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