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NJBIZ Conversations: Dr. Gary Small

The physician in chief for behavioral health at Hackensack Meridian Health – for the latest edition of NJBIZ Conversations. Small talked about the emotional toll of the virus, what employers can do to help their workers cope and how folks can avoid the worst psychic and physical damage.

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Charged up (access required)

Last month, General Motors signaled its support for electric vehicles when it pulled out of a lawsuit meant to reverse California’s strict fuel economy standards. As one of the largest automakers in the country, GM’s action suggests that the automotive industry is moving toward vehicle electrification even amid COVID-19. In fact, 20 electric vehicle models are slated to launch in the next three years.

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A new guard (access required)

Engaging. Vibrant. Diverse. Accessible. These words are not often associated with financial planning and wealth management professionals. But a new guard, armed with the same certifications as your grandfather’s wealth managers but with an air of accessibility he’d never dreamed of, has arrived.

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Dec. 7, 2020 Edition of NJBIZ

Dec. 7, 2020 Edition of NJBIZ (access required)

Get this week’s digital edition of NJIBZ – featuring a look at around the state, retailers large and small are coping with a pandemic holiday shopping season; A Marlton-based company kept clinical trials running despite the challenges posed by COVID-19 limitations; we shine our spotlight on Dealing with higher insurance premiums; a prominent psychiatrist offers strategies for employers; and how some providers are getting collections under better control and more!

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A Millennial Connection (access required)

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that hospitals need to connect with Millennials. After all, at more than 72 million strong, the cohort has overtaken the Baby Boomer generation as the nation’s largest population group by age. But there’s a challenge: medical care doesn’t resonate with Millennials — generally considered those born from 1981 to 1996 — the way it did for their parents.

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Ever upward (access required)

Health care costs have long been a concerning line item for business owners, and now the COVID-19 pandemic means more uncertainty, which can play havoc with budgets. New Jersey companies, however, are tackling the challenge in a variety of ways.

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Cycling through (access required)

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacted a terrible toll in human suffering, but it’s also hammering front-line caregiving institutions on the financial front. Thanks to pandemic-related issues — like the temporary shutdown of non-emergency procedures in many markets, coupled with consumers’ fear of seeking medical care and risking exposure to COVID-19 from other patients — nearly 50% of hospitals reported an increase in bad debt and other uncollectible invoices, according to a report released in August by management consulting firm Kaufman Hall.

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‘Grinch times five’ (access required)

The COVID-19 pandemic has shattered traditions over the past nine months, and the year end holiday season will be no exception. In the past, holiday shopping would kick off with a Black Friday dash, and hundreds or thousands of consumers crowding into malls and big box stores for the best deals. This year, the madness was far more muted.

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A shot at success (access required)

A clinical trial management company in Marlton is playing a key role in keeping vaccine trials going during the COVID-19 pandemic, including COVID-19 vaccine trials for Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, and Janssen. Like many undertakings, clinical trials halted in March due to the outbreak, as stay-at-home orders and travel advisories dissuaded trial administrators and participants from continuing their roles in trials and the safety of continuing to run them normally came into question.

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