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Heated discussion as attorneys debate merits of noncompete bill

Former employees who qualify for unemployment benefits would no longer have to abide by agreements they had signed barring them from competing with their former employer, soliciting former customers or co-workers, or disclosing confidential company information, under an Assembly bill that has ignited heated debate in New Jersey's employment law...

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Hoops scandal shows need for game plan

Rutgers President Dr. Robert Barchi's admission that he erred by not watching the video of the state university's basketball coach verbally abusing and hurling balls at his players is a wake-up call for chief executives who routinely delegate key decisions to other members of the management team.

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SBA partners get 19 million for Sandy recovery effort

Though it's been nearly six months since Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on New Jersey, many small businesses are still struggling to navigate the path to rebuilding. To help them along, Congress has approved a $19 million emergency appropriation for the Small Business Association's resource partners to support the recovery.

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