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No. 2: Suuchi Ramesh

Manufacturing Power 50

Suuchi Ramesh


Ramesh is the founder of Suuchi Inc., a next-generation supply chain platform provider for fashion brands and retailers. She operates her company in Carlstadt, providing end-to-end solutions through the entire supply chain which are tracked through her proprietary software, the Suuchi GRID.

Through the New Jersey Economic Department Authority’s Grow NJ, Ramesh received tax incentives that allowed her to continue scaling the company in New Jersey. The grant has allowed the company to move to a bigger facility and hire across a team of designers, engineers, salesmen, marketers, and supply chain experts.

Suuchi Inc. employs over 180 workers. Ramesh told NJBIZ in May 2019 she intends to have 470 to 500 employees by September 2021. She is planning to continue to hire for sales, engineering, and marketing positions. Earlier in 2019, Suuchi received an $8 million investment from Edison Partners, a Princeton-based growth equity investment firm.

“My team and I were super-excited,” Ramesh told NJBIZ in May 2019. “We boot-strapped the company to this point. Having Edison come in has been wonderful. We are going to use the funds to build our technology, make it stronger, and be ready for enterprise selling.”

Kelly Ford Buckley, a partner at Edison, said Suuchi had doubled its revenue each year and would triple it this year. “Traditionally in apparel manufacturing, the production, the design, and development of these clothing items take anywhere from nine to 12 months advanced lead times in order to get them into stores or available on their web site or whatever their channel is for the season,” Buckley added. “It’s a long, complex, costly process. Mistakes are costly because of those long lead times.”

Suuchi manages a curated network of freelancers, mills, and factories through the GRID that provides flexible MOQs, shorter lead times, and reduced labor costs. The GRID is also offered as a standalone solution to track brands’ existing networks to provide end-to-end visibility, real-time communication and updated, and data analytic reports for smarter forecasting and factory assignments.

“We are taking a service, making a product, and we have applied our digital stack on it,” Ramesh said. “It is not that I started off with that idea; it was in response to demand.”

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