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Now hear this Voice messaging is talk of industry

Kirusa's rapid growth worldwide is spurred by audio technology

Kirusa founder and CEO Inderpal Mumick, left, and CFO Baldeep Dua have had big success internationally.

Sometimes even the most devoted of smartphone users worries technology has made connecting with others so impersonal.
But Kirusa’s got apps for that.

Founded by CEO Inderpal Mumick in 2001, New Providence-based Kirusa is a social media and services provider for the telecommunications industry that develops ways to maintain personality with technological advancements.

Its newly introduced InstaVoice app, for example, makes it possible to send voice messages to those that don’t have a smartphone, using a text message-based program that alerts the user when a voice message is received and allows the person to listen and send a reply. The service also provides text alerts for missed calls for when the user’s phone is off.

“You can leave a message for someone, click on it and listen to it yourself, too. Sometimes you don’t know if you left a clear message or forgot to mention something, but here you can click and listen back to your own voice,” said Baldeep Dua, Kirusa’s chief financial officer.

Without Dua, Kirusa wouldn’t be aggressively expanding in emerging markets right now, and opening a market via InstaVoice in the U.S.

But Dua joined Kirusa in 2008, when the company wasn’t even profitable.

“I had spent six years at Bell Labs in Murray Hill working with telecomm technologies, and I wanted to take ideas and grow them,” Mumick said.

“So I started a business that didn’t make any money for the first two years, but allowed me to develop an idea further.”

When Dua came aboard, Kirusa consolidated — and found profitable success.

“Revenues have been almost doubling each year and costs have been contained,” Dua said.

Dua — the winner of this year’s NJBIZ CFO of the Year award for private companies with revenue up to $25 million — also oversaw Kirusa’s massive international expansion, growing in markets in Latin America, Southeast Asia and Africa, where the company gets 80 percent of its revenue.

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