Pacira BioSciences, NFL Alumni Association launch partnership

Gabrielle Saulsbery//August 9, 2022//

Pacira BioSciences, NFL Alumni Association launch partnership

Gabrielle Saulsbery//August 9, 2022//

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Pharmaceutical company Pacira BioSciences Inc., which makes non-opioid medications, and the Mount Laurel-based National Football League Alumni Association launched a partnership to increase awareness of non-opioid options to manage acute and chronic pain.

Announced Aug. 9, the program seeks to educate retired players, NFLA chapter presidents and staff, and youth sports organizations about the importance of non-opioid pain management options that can reduce or eliminate the need for opioids.

The partnership will include educational opportunities at national tournaments, including the Super Bowl and Pro Bowl, as well as NFLA state and local chapter events.

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“I have firsthand personal knowledge of the value our partnership with Pacira BioSciences will bring to our members,” said NFL Alumni CEO Beasley Reese. “Pacira Biosciences’ products dramatically reduced the amount of pain my wife Paula experienced when she underwent knee replacement surgery. She used fewer dangerous narcotics and experienced less pain while going through that difficult operation and rehabilitation. Her knee was still numb two months after a pain block procedure, and she was able to rehab harder and faster because of Pacira Biosciences’ products.

“Opioids can have terrible side effects and NFL Alumni members will use fewer dangerous drugs and have better outcomes thanks to this partnership,” he said.

The program will launch in the fall and go through May 2025. During that time, educational content and resources will be shared with athletes and their families through NFLA newsletters, social media channels and corporate meetings.

“Partnering with NFLA gives Pacira a unique and engaging way to inform athletes at every stage of play about the non-opioid options available to treat both acute and chronic pain,” said Pacira BioSciences CEO Dave Stack. “Our work with respected partners like the NFLA allows us to help support player safety while raising awareness about pain management options that can play a critical role in fighting the opioid crisis.”

Pacira BioSciences Inc. is based in Tampa with a New Jersey office in Parsippany.