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Panasonic bringing facial recognition capability to schoolsbusinesses

Panasonic is mostly known for its consumer technology and, more recently, its business-to-business dealings. But the Newark-based company is putting another feather in that cap: security solutions.One new technology the company is using to bring security to new areas is FacePro, a facial recognition technology with analytic capabilities.

Greg Peratt, vice president of security sales at Panasonic North America, said implementing the technology reduced theft issues at the neighboring New Jersey Institute of Technology’s libraries.

“Simply by putting cameras up in the library, they’re reporting to us that the theft has gone down to about zero over the last six months of testing,” he said.

Beyond the simple presence of cameras, the technology has greater capabilities to keep areas safe.

“They also know there are individuals that are repeat offenders,” he said. “Anybody who walks in, their face is captured and, either we do nothing with them or they can be identified as a repeat offender and I can load that in the system.

“If that person comes on campus or enters the library, it alerts the resource officer on a hand-held device to rectify the situation.”

There are other applications for the technology in the business space.

“We’re using it at some of our corporate customers to protect their entrances,” he said. “Unfortunately, there are disgruntled employees we hear about in the media who come back.

“They can load those individuals in the database.”

Andrew Sheldon