Political Exchange

//August 21, 2009

Political Exchange

//August 21, 2009

GOP warns prevailing wage rules hurt businessesShould the state require prevailing wage for any private real estate projects?


The Democrats declined to answer this week’s question.


The government has no business dictating how much people should be paid, whether it’s a private real estate project or a state-funded green energy job. Prevailing wage requirements do nothing but drive up costs for consumers, and send a message to small businesses, in particular, that they aren’t needed in New Jersey, and should look for opportunities in other states.

For example, in July, Gov. Jon S. Corzine signed a new law mandating prevailing wage for any construction project funded by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities. The law is another attack on the small-business community, ratepayers and, in this case, the environment, as it will drive up costs for clean energy projects just to curry favor with representatives of organized labor.

Such legislation would have similar effects in the private sector, and is the last thing New Jersey needs — especially now, when companies are fleeing our state because of its anti-business climate.

Michael J. Doherty (R-Washington)


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