Power 50 health care 10-2

Merge ahead

NJBIZ STAFF//March 25, 2013//

Power 50 health care 10-2

Merge ahead

NJBIZ STAFF//March 25, 2013//

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Lou Goetting (5)
A source points out that Goetting “has a long institutional memory,” which can only be a help as he assists Christie’s team in assessing hospital deals. Nothing gets done without O’Dowd’s blessing, but Goetting is trusted to help ensure the numbers behind those proposed mergers work.

Prem Reddy (NR)

Prime Healthcare was rudely rebuffed when it made a play for Christ Hospital, in Jersey City, a year ago. Rather than give New Jersey up for lost, the CEO of the California for-profit hospital operator doubled down, and is moving ahead on ownership of St. Mary’s and St. Michael’s, in Passaic and Newark.

Barry Ostrowsky (3)

Every other large system is playing the merger game, and Ostrowsky “won’t be standing still, either,” an insider says. Another called Barnabas “the North Jersey Cooper — all urban (hospitals), but with a much stronger base.” That will be even more the case if the system finally gets University Hospital.

Jennifer Velez (8)

A source points out she’s tight with O’Dowd; no surprise, as they once shared a department. The Medicaid waiver “has to work,” a source says; it’ll be up to Velez to do so. Her involvement on that side of care is “really going to start to have a more direct impact,” another says.

Robert Barchi (NR)

“He will have a huge role in the definition of how teaching hospitals” will be set up, a source says of the Rutgers president. That’s because he’s getting the coveted medical school designation the university has long sought; it’s also clear he’s respected as a rock star who gets things done.

George Norcross III

Through Cooper and Rowan, he’s successfully built what one source calls South Jersey’s “feeder system” for health care. He’ll have a seat at the table going forward, too: A source notes Christie “obviously looks at him as his yin-and-yang connection to getting stuff done.”

Bob Marino

It seemed like most of the insurance industry went on pause when the ACA went before the Supreme Court. Not Horizon. Marino realizes the challenges and opportunities of Obamacare; he’s in front of efforts to educate consumers about how they’ll need to shop for something they’re unfamiliar with on the exchange.

Joseph Trunfio (NR)

He’s “a ‘gotta watch,’ for sure,” one source says of Atlantic Health’s president and CEO. That’s because the system has spent the last year snapping up deals like a department store shopper on payday. He acquired Chilton Hospital and signed a joint venture with Hunterdon Healthcare System in the same week — and there’s whispering that Trunfio wants to go farther west than just Pequannock and Flemington. “The Delaware River no longer means what it once meant in health care,” a source tells us. “The hospital systems are jumping over (it).” Like Garrett, he wants a super-regional growth strategy, allowing Atlantic to stay independent while being in a better negotiating position on contracts. As far as traditional takeovers, another source says not to look surprised if he lands Somerset Medical Center.

Robert Garrett (4)

Getting the OK to reopen Pascack Valley under Hackensack’s name was a big checklist item for the Garrett, but don’t think he’s ready to call it a day just yet. Hackensack continues to develop its reputation as an educational partner, and the chatter behind cupped hands is that he’s close to a partnership with Georgetown on a medical school. Garrett has one of just two New Jersey hospital ACOs, “and that’s big,” a source says, who called the CEO “a major player, no doubt … he’s locked in.” He’s also worked successfully with for-profit LHP Hospital Group to keep his balance sheet in order in the Pascack and Mountainside deals. He’s keen on building a network with other big hospitals to fuel further growth, and is said to be sweet on Meridian, too.

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