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PSEG building a better social infrastructure, too

Ralph Izzo has PSEG building social media relationships with consumers.-(PHOTO BY AARON HOUSTON)

A Facebook fan group was created for the state’s largest utility a couple of years ago.
Its name: “I Hate PSEG.”

The paradoxical fan group’s commentary is often punctuated by “WTF,” with multiple exclamation points and question marks sprinkled in.

And this group’s members are not alone in their “fandom.”

Public Service Enterprise Group takes just as much heat on other social media outlets — on Twitter, in particular.

Expectations are the weight a utility always carries; so says PSEG Chairman & CEO Ralph Izzo.

“I do think that we have to work harder to educate people that you don’t just bring a few trucks and fix 100-year-old infrastructure overnight,” Izzo said.

But he’s as demanding a consumer as any. He’s equally bothered by problems with his cable, his car.

“Plus, the world is more complicated,” Izzo added. “We don’t have time to fully understand what goes into an engineer working on a substation by our house. So the frustration isn’t unwarranted.”

He believes the company is not necessarily experiencing escalating consumer demand at any greater rate than other service providers.

And even since the public energy company’s 1903 roots, critics have existed. How PSEG is responding to concerns, however, has definitely changed.

“What we’re trying to do now is reach out to people through Facebook posts and to our Twitter following to let them know we’re going to be in the area doing work, and why it’s important,” Izzo said.

Brett Johnson