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Recycling Contract

Around the State – Central JerseyPENNINGTON WorldWater & Power Corp., a producer of high-power solar systems, has been awarded a $5.7 million contract by Bayshore Recycling to install a 700-kilowatt system at Bayshore’s Keasbey headquarters. Bayshore recycles construction debris, which is processed and transformed into marketable products. The WorldWater unit will provide the majority of power for Bayshore’s operations.

“Selecting a nonpolluting energy source was a natural decision for us,” says Valerie Montecalvo, Bayshore Recycling’s president. “Our entire mission is to reduce waste and improve the environment, so we are thrilled that WorldWater & Power will be building a state-of-the-art solar energy system to reduce our energy costs and provide sustainable, nonpolluting power.”

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